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What is a Micro Link?

This is a hair extension type which uses small metal rings (usually aluminum) lined with silicon to attach the hair extension to the real hair. They attach small mops of hair to your real hair, tightened with a special tool to clamp the loops to your natural hair.

It has a ton of names in the industry, such as micro-link or simply link, micro rings, micro loops, micro beads and so on.

Micro rings are designed in a way so that they are small enough to be visible in a natural way. They are attached very close to the scalp, directly to the roots. This requires them to be replaced every 2-3 months to compensate for natural hair growth (which increases the distance between the rings and the scalp).

How to Insert the Micro Links Into Your Hair?

This is not a do-it-yourself process, do NOT try to attempt this at home. It’s very important to hire an expert hair dresser to perform this, if you don’t want the links to fall out in a day or two. Besides, there’s less risk of hair damage if you hire an expert to do it.

Who are these micro ring extensions good for?

As we already mentioned, they “‘function” properly for about 1-2 months, so we recommend them to women who’d like to wear this hairstyle for at least that long. Otherwise it’s just a waste of money.

However, if you’d like hair extensions for at least 1-2 months or even longer, we definitely recommend loop hair extensions, because (if attached correctly) it’s a very high quality hair extension and looks very natural. Besides, since attaching these hair extensions doesn’t require any heat or adhesives, it does little to no hair damage at all.

The only real risk is hair breakage. What’s this all about? Under natural circumstances, old and “used” hair leave the hair-crown by itself, and it’s a very natural process. However, if they’ve been attached by force thanks to the micro rings, they couldn’t have possibly left the hair crown naturally, so they’ll gonna leave only once you remove the micro rings.

This is what hair breakage is all about, so as you can see, it’s nothing to be worried about.

By the way, the detachment of micro links is an easy process, only their attachment takes a lot of time (usually 2-3 hours), depending on how experienced your hair dresser is and how many hair extensions you’d like him or her to attach to your hair.

Micro Link Hair Extensions Pros and Cons


  • Attachment takes a lot of time.
  • Likely to cause hair breakage.
  • Since the links are attached very close to your scalp, initially you’ll feel a weird, itchy sensation for the first week or so, and you may feel the rings pushing up against your head while sleeping.
  • Pretty expensive to have them all attached.


  • Compared to other hair extensions, this one has the lowest risk of hair damage.
  • Easy to remove, you can even do it yourself.
  • Easy to form: wear it in a pony tail, wash it, dry it, set it as you want it.
  • Thanks to the attachment technology, the extended artificial hair will move the same way as your natural hair, no one will be able to tell the difference.
  • You can set both the length and density.
  • The small strands of hair can be re-purposed after detachment.

Below, we collected the best deals from Amazon.com, which received very high customer feedback. We only listed below the highest quality, real human hair extensions.

18” Remy Loops Micro Rings Beads Tipped Human Hair Extensions 17colors for Your Best Selection

18inch Remy Loops Micro Rings Beads Tipped Human Hair Extensions 17colors for Your Best Selection

  • Huge diversity, 17 different colors available
  • Can be curled, straightened, tongued & washed
  • 18 inches long, perfect quality micro rings hair ext.

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22 Inc Loop Micro Ring Beads Tipped Remy Human Hair Extensions

22 inch micro links

  • Can be curled, straightened, tongued & washed
  • 22 inch long hair extensions
  • Black color, 100% human hair

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18 inch Human Hair Extensions Double Silicone Beads

18inch Human Hair Extensions Remy 100s Double Silicone Rings Beads Tipped 0.6g 100s 22 in Women's Health Beauty Hot

  • 4,2/5 stars, high rating
  • Double silicone rings
  • 18 inch length

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Grammy 22 Inch 100 Strands Straight Micro Ring Links Locks (Light Weight)

remy indian hair breads and micro loops

  • 4/5 stars
  • 22 inch, 100% virgin Remy human hair, very good quality
  • Dark brown color

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Vivid Hair 25 Strands Straight Micro Ring Links Red Color

red micro links pros and cons

  • Color: fire red, very sexy ;)
  • 22 inch length
  • High quality

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18″ Micro Loop Ring

18 inch cheap micro breads

  • Available in ten different colors
  • Can be curled, straightened, washed and dyed
  • 18 inch hair extension

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While there are many products that sell only micro rings without the actual hair extensions, we paid careful attention to list only those packages above that contain the full set of rings and extensions.

We spared you from having to do the tedious, tiresome research, so feel free to check out all the extensions above. :)

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